How to keep your cat happy and in great shape

How to keep your cat happy and in great shape

by Georgette M August 25, 2017

Are you a cat owner? If yes, do you ever set time to play with her? Well, the relationship you share with your cat can largely be influenced by the amount of time you spend with her especially when playing. In addition, playing with your cat will also play a great role in nurturing her skills and behavior. So, do you know how to consider when playing with your cat?

Considerations when playing with your cat

Your cat also craves for attention and it is best to show that you are there for her by spending some time to play with her. Here is an overview of some of the things you need to bear in mind when playing with your cat.

  • Allow the cat to have their way

You certainly want the game to be all fun. Don’t you? Avoid frustrating the cat and let them enjoy having their way. For instance if you want your cat to catch something, do not make it too hard for her to catch it. Allow her to catch the object at times to ensure she remains interested in the game.

  • Do not exhaust her too much

As much as you want the cat to exercise during play time, do not make the game too hard for her. Do not allow the cat to reach a point where they are panting. Ensure the game not only engages her physical strength but also her mental strength.

  • Play daily

When your cat knows it is playtime, she will always be ready and active to engage. It is recommended that you set up the play time in the evening when the cat tired and relaxed. As a matter of fact, playing in the evening is a great tool for behavioral therapy.

  • If more than one cat, play separately

Cats are not used to hunt in groups. Therefore, having all the cats play at the same time will only leave one cat active. The other cats will merely be spectators with no place to vent the tension they have accumulated. As a result, the stress levels of your cat go up.


Your cat will love you depending on how well you treat her. Show some love by spending time every day to engage in play with her. Not only is it fun but also it is beneficial to your cat’s wellbeing. That said, if you were wondering how to keep your cat in shape and also happy, try playing with her. The results will surely impress you!

Georgette M
Georgette M